Leaping Off the Page and Into Your Earholes


I miss those old console stereos; don’t you? Just the sight of one makes me want to go fix Mommy a drink and bring it to her with her cigarettes and lighter, as I used to do back in the heady days of unrestrained excess known as the 1970s.

But I digress. I came here today to tell you that my own voice recently issued from just such a contraption when I appeared on Carolina Bookbeat, a talk show on radio station WCOM-LP FM 103.5. The show’s host, Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, and I discussed dysfunctional families, the metaphysics of the supernatural, and how not to find a literary agent (a topic on which I am now an expert). I also read an excerpt from chapter 1 of my recently published novel, Blood Family.

The episode is available here as a podcast, so now’s a good time to put up your feet, crack open a Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill, light up a Virginia Slim menthol, and enjoy.

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