Print Edition Hits the Shelves, if by “Shelves” One Means “an Online Store”


It’s been a long time coming, but at last all my friends and acquaintances who said to me, “I just can’t enjoy a novel unless it’s been printed in ink on thin sheets of mulched, bleached pulpwood fibers” are in luck. My novel Blood Family is now available in a print edition from CreateSpace.

My CreateSpace e-store page doesn’t have the snazzy “Look Inside” feature that the Amazon store has, but if you’d like to read the first three chapters of the novel, you can download a PDF here. The book is also available through the main Amazon site (CreateSpace is a subsidiary of Amazon), although the author royalties are much higher for sales through the CreateSpace site than for sales through Amazon proper. I guess someone’s got to pay for that snazzy “Look Inside” feature, huh?

If you’re thinking about self-publishing a print book or e-book for the first time and you have a question about what’s involved, please send it to me so I can write a post about it. There was a fairly steep learning curve for the e-book and an extremely steep curve for the print book—and I didn’t even do the covers—so I plan to write future posts about what I’ve learned in case anyone out there can make use of the information.

One thing I’ll say is that doing all this myself (except for the covers) has given me a tremendous sense of ownership over the book. Each new step, each new iteration has made it feel more and more like mine. The more work I put into making this thing real, the more I feel as if I’ve truly created it.

Oh, and if you’re someone who wants a print book but doesn’t like buying from Amazon, I have a non-Amazon print book on the way as well. That edition will be available from IngramSpark, the self-publishing subsidiary of the Ingram book distribution company. If I’ve understood everything correctly, once the Ingram book is live, you should be able to order it from any bookstore that gets its books from Ingram, which is virtually every bookstore in North America and many more all over the world. Then the only thing left for me to do will be to create the Matrix stream of the book, which you’ll download directly into your cerebral cortex for a vivid first-person experience of the narrative. Well, that and the audiobook. Then I’ll be done with all the publishing . . .

. . . and then it’s on to marketing! But that’s another post or fifteen. For now, print book. If you’re a page-flipper, your time has come.



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